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Report: Illinois Democrats Set to Give Adam Kinzinger Something to Really Cry About

At last check, purported “Republican” House Rep. Adam Kinzinger was whining some about Fox News host Tucker Carlson, taking to the Twitter machine to accuse him of being a “scared and frightened little man,” and to suggest – without the slightest hint of self-awareness – that “anger is a mask to cover being afraid.” While the reasons for Kinzinger’s attack are still unclear, Carlson, of course, responded accordingly.

Pretty soon, however, it really may be all over but the crying for Kinzinger, who could find himself with a lot more time on his hands in the near future to send out some more self-righteous tweets, because Illinois Democrats who have a supermajority in the state legislature and who have been redrawing maps are reportedly set to eliminate his Congressional district:

Illinois lawmakers are on the verge of rolling out a new congressional map that will very likely gut Kinzinger’s exurban Chicago seat, according to several sources close to the redistricting process, leaving him with just a few bleak options for remaining in office next year.

The elimination of his district would force the veteran Republican congressman to choose between running in unfamiliar territory, possibly against another incumbent, or making a long shot run for governor or Senate in a blue state — and that assumes Kinzinger could prevail in a GOP primary after spending the last year criticizing a former president who remains beloved by the base.

Here’s how the map could look for the state:

Kinzinger tried to put on a brave face about it when interviewed by Politico:

Kinzinger is well-aware his seat is on the chopping block but says he’s not “overthinking” or “losing sleep” over something of which he has no control.

“If I lose my district, we’ll take a look then,” he told POLITICO. “But I’m not too freaked out.”

… but despite trying to appear as though the possibility of losing his seat hasn’t rattled him, and unlike the tears he “cried” during his Capitol riots committee commentary last month, I suspect Kinzinger really will be crying if Illinois Democrats go forth with their plans.

Democrat super-lawyer Marc Elias, who we’ve been told is a staunchly “principled” opponent of partisan gerrymandering except for all those times when he’s not, was absolutely thrilled with the news:

My goodness. Who woulda thought that Kinzinger’s newfound Democrat “friends” didn’t give one little rip about his political fate after all?

Sorry, but I can’t even muster up a couple of faux tears for this clown’s predicament at this point. He’s made his own bed, now he gets to lay in it, lumps, bumps, dank odors and all.

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