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Dementia Joe Goes All in With His Most Insane Comment Yet

What is misinformation and who gets to define what it is?

The Biden team thinks that they get to. They think they get to censor what is misinformation because they say so and they put pressure on/or work in tandem with social media platforms. That’s what White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has made clear. She admitted it yesterday and then made it worse today, saying that if someone is banned for misinformation from one platform, that person should be banned from every social media platform.

Now Joe Biden is weighing in and if it wasn’t bad enough already, he just jacked it up even more. Here he is, just before he got on a helicopter to Camp David for the weekend. Biden accused Facebook of “killing people.”

“They’re killing people,” Biden claimed about Facebook. “The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated, and they’re killing people.”

Who exactly did they supposedly kill? This is insane, from Grandpa Disaster. Killing people by refusing the government edict to censor/ban someone for “misinformation?”

What is this? More government scare tactics to frighten people into more ceding more control to them? Haven’t we seen enough of this already? As the pandemic lessens, they’re actually squeezing more as they start to lose control. They show once again, it isn’t about the pandemic. It’s about the control.

This is the guy they claimed was a unifier? He wants to suppress information, he thinks people who want election security are a “domestic threat” (think where that leads next), he thinks election security laws are the worst thing since the Civil War. Now Facebook is “killing people.” Everything is the height of hyperbole, having no relation to reality, to justify government actions. Biden is equating not agreeing with the government with murder. Think how dangerous that is.

Speaking of misinformation, if they actually wanted to stop the purveyors of misinformation, they should look in the mirror. They are the biggest spreaders of misinformation around. They have been spreading all kinds of misinformation for the last four years. These are the folks, like Kamala Harris, who spread misinformation about the vaccine, saying she wouldn’t get it if President Donald Trump was behind it (she did get it, showing what a lie that was). These were the people who wore masks outdoors, long after they were fully vaccinated, spreading the perception that vaccines didn’t work. This very comment – that Facebook is killing people – is itself “misinformation.”

So do your duty, Facebook, ban the Biden administration.

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