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CA Rep. Karen Bass to Announce a Run for Los Angeles Mayor, Signaling the Further Communization of L.A.

Bass is a close ally of President Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). She was a finalist to be Biden’s running mate last year and was a lead negotiator on Capitol Hill in bipartisan talks to overhaul policing laws. Those talks ended this week.

Bass has been considering a run since at least August. Biden has nominated the current mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, to serve as ambassador to India. Should Garcetti win confirmation for the job in the Senate, the Los Angeles City Council will have the power to appoint his replacement.

On Tuesday, Los Angeles City Councilman Kevin de León was the most recent person to put his hat in the ring, along with his fellow City Councilman Joe Buscaino, L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer, Central City Association President and CEO Jessica Lall, and Real-estate Broker Mel Wilson.

There is still talk of Billionaire developer Rick Caruso and former LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner joining the fray, but Bass and de León are the favored candidates with the national backing and juice. They also hit the intersectional and multicultural markers: If Bass wins, she would be the first female and second Black Mayor in Los Angeles history. de León would be the second Hispanic Mayor.

Bass was under consideration for the Vice Presidential slot during the 2020 presidential contest. Obviously McCackles Kamala Harris received the nod, but this put Bass under scrutiny for her Communist leanings in the past, and present Communist associations.

Bass denied such leanings, and told NBC News,

“I’m not a socialist. I’m not a communist. I’ve belonged to one party my entire life and that’s the Democratic Party, and I’m a Christian,” Bass said.

Bass has been at the forefront of the Congressional Democrats push for equity and social justice, and most recently co-authored the George Floyd Justice & Policing Act and was part of the bipartisan negotiations. The negotiations reached a stalemate this week and the legislation is considered DOA.

The city of Los Angeles is legendary for its apathy. In the last mayoral race in 2018, less than half of registered voters actually cast a ballot in the general election. If this is a harbinger of 2022, the more motivated parties and their well-heeled backers will be the ones to dominate for their candidate.

Whether Bass or de León wins, the downhill slide of Los Angeles into communism will be made complete. 

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